Susan Daugherty – Muse (Groupie) (Volume 2)

About This Project

The fast-paced excitement of the acclaimed romance GROUPIE continues with its sequel.
Sometimes in the midst of heartbreak, a MUSE is born.

The show must go on. Even as country superstar Jack Morgan and hisphysical therapist, Lexie Travis, nurse their shattered hearts while ontour. Despite her best efforts, she had fallen for the one man she swore she wouldn’t. Their newfound happiness slipped away when one fatefuldecision led to one rash retaliation.

They continue the tour together in hopes of one day becoming friends again–if they can get over the awkwardness that now consumes each day.Jackson is sure he can win her back at first, but worries she wouldnever be happy in his complicated world.

Each state they travel across brings new challenges and new chancesfor redemption. The realm of dance and choreography lures Lexie back, as Jack continues to write new songs and make changes to his concerts,inspired by his muse.

Susan Daugherty

Muse (Groupie) (Volume 2)

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