M.L. Bullock – The Kingdom of Nefertiti (The Desert Queen Book 3)

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Who Will Be Egypt’s Next Great Queen? Can Nefertiti Defeat a Dangerous Rival?

When Nefret, the mekhma of the Meshwesh, leads her people back to their homeland of Zerzura, everything changes. Forced to make a deal with the determined Queen Tiye, Nefret abandons her tribe and the man she loves to obey the queen’s command. As she takes her place at the Egyptian court at Thebes, she quickly realizes that fate is not through with her yet. A new enemy with a beautiful face is revealed, and Nefret–now Nefertiti–must fight again to keep her place at Amenhotep’s side.

Set against the backdrop of the grand courts of Egypt, The Kingdom of Nefertiti chronicles the rise of Queen Nefertiti. The Kingdom of Nefertiti is Book Three of the Desert Queen series.

M.L. Bullock

The Kingdom of Nefertiti (The Desert Queen Book 3)

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