M.L. Bullock – The Falcon Rises (The Desert Queen Book 2)

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From the Red Sands of Egypt to the Palace at Thebes!A New Queen Has Risen!

With her tribe in turmoil and her twin sister missing, Nefret surrenders herself to the will of Egypt and the calculating Queen Tiye. When the Egyptian queen’s intentions for Nefret become clear, the Desert Queen realizes it will take all her wits to win–and stay alive. The Falcon Rises chronicles the evolution of Nefertiti as she struggles to claim her place at Amenhotep’s side in history.

The Desert Queen series chronicles a fascinating period of Egyptian history that chronicles the rise of Queen Nefertiti and Amenhotep, later Akhenaten. The Falcon Rises is Book Two in the Desert Queen series by M.L. Bullock.

M.L. Bullock

The Falcon Rises (The Desert Queen Book 2)

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