M.L. Bullock – Fire on the Ramparts (Sugar Hill Book 2)

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Sugar Hill Hasn’t Give Up All Her Ghosts…
My Haunted Plantation Visits Belle Fontaine!
Avery Dufresne hoped that the ghosts of Sugar Hill would finally rest, but when a paranormal reality show demands that she fulfill her aunt’s contract with them, she realizes that the ghosts aren’t through with her yet. Avery’s sensitivity to the spiritual world both at Sugar Hill and Thorn Hill increases and when the spirits rise, so does the risk to the living–including Avery and her friends.

An unusual psychic trigger sends her back in time to witness the heartbreaking drama that threatens to destroy her family. Can Avery save the Dufresnes?

M.L. Bullock

Fire on the Ramparts (Sugar Hill Book 2)

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