John Richardson – Shelter from the devil

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Communism has fallen, but even in the winter of ‘96, Moscow’s drab architecture and sullen people still hold ominous echoes of the Soviet era. Expat Christian Droz has built a life in the dismal city, but he still finds himself alienated from his bleak surroundings.

His sense of isolation only increases when a freak accident robs him of all he holds dear. Torn apart by grief, Christian seeks answers to a tragedy that has left him a broken man.

Amidst his turmoil, he meets Emil, an enigmatic veteran from the Soviet-Afghan War. The reclusive stranger is quick to offer his help, but Christian grows wary when he learns of the man’s murky past.

Will Emil help Christian find out the truth behind his loss, and when Emil’s true, deadly motives come to light, will it be too late for Christian to turn back?

John Richardson

Shelter from the devil

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