India Lindsey – Revenge

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Nyla Nixon is a twenty-six-year-old self-professed shopaholic who lives life by the seat of her pants. A free spirit, Nyla is only interested in playing life by her rules and refuses to be tethered to anything, including law school, a career, or a relationship. She moves through life spending her parents’ money, deciding her next move on the fly, content to exist on her terms.
Life for Nyla is good until her parents decide that she needs to learn some responsibility and use the Ivy League education they paid for to make a living on her own. Cut off financially; Nyla is forced to make some difficult, adult decisions. Now that she has to figure things out on her own, Nyla decides that she is ready for stability and commitment with the handsome David Parker, a wealthy football player who sweeps Nyla off her feet from their first interaction.
Everything is going well with David until he and Nyla have a major fight about how she spends money, and Nyla runs into the arms of the chocolate Jerron Taylor for comfort, despite the fact that Jerron is a married man. That night, Jerron and Nyla have a tryst that turns both their lives upside down. Both David and Morgan (Jerron’s wife) catch wind of the affair, and they both vow to get revenge on the two, no matter how long it takes. Who will get to Jerron and Nyla first? Will anyone walk away unscathed? Never underestimate the power of a woman (or man) scorned…

India Lindsey


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